Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Missionaries to Tanzania



Reaching Tanzania's next child at a time. One of the great blessings of working in Tanzania is the fact that we get to work with a great team of missionaries. I’ve often compared it to a multiple staff at a larger church. We each have our own individual areas of responsibility that go along with our own talents and burdens but we also work together as a team to build God’s church throughout Tanzania. Ever since we first came to Tanzania we have heard about the huge need in the Southeast region of the country. Both Kari and I, have prayed over this region and strategized, dreamed and planned with other team members about how best to build God’s church in this very unreached area. This past month I (Mike) visited the Southeast regions of Lindi and Mtwara for the very first time. All of the missionary men on the team made the trip together. What an exciting time to see what God has done over the past few years. Our team leader Scott Hanson has been involved in this area for a number of years. This is what he had to say about what we saw. “For years the southeastern part of Tanzania has been a spiritual desert, saturated with the darkness that is only truly felt in Christ’s total absence. We have prayed, strategized, and sown seed for years as we have sought to make Christ known in the Lindi and Mtwara regions. This trip we finally began to see some of the results.” One encouraging sign was getting to meet over 20 pastors who are planting churches in this area. A few years ago there was fewer than a dozen. We also got to hear testimonies and see how God is using unique church planting strategies such as nursery schools to help pastors meet the needs of their communities. Two things come to mind as a result of this trip. One, I’m glad to be a part of the bigger picture of what God is doing in Tanzania and rejoice with my fellow team members at what God is doing. Secondly, my heart is moved to see the need for ministries to children in this region and the tremendous opportunities before us. Pray with us for the southeastern region that God would continue to move and work in this unreached area. Also pray that God will give us wisdom as to how we can cooperate with the Chidren’s Ministries Department to touch children in the region.

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